How to make vitamin C serums less sticky

Find the perfect vitamin C serum that is not sticky.

Who doesn’t like a good vitamin C serum these days? It fast becomes a skin lover’s go-to product for brighter and more youthful-looking skin. It also tackles wrinkles, plumps up the skin, improves texture and tone and protects against UV and pollution.

If you are a first-timer, the world of vitamin C serums is somewhat daunting simply because there is so much choice. How do you choose one that is right for you, let alone not sticky? This seems to be the one big gripe with these serums in general. Not all vitamin C serums have this issue, but some do. Some users don’t mind the sticky or tacky feeling on the skin, as long as the product lives up to its claims.

Why are some vitamin C serums sticky

Vitamin C serums are tricky formulations. Ascorbic acid, a rather fragile molecule oxidizes fast and needs to be kept stable. The effectiveness of the molecule in the formulation needs to be considered, as well as the pH and the shelf-life of the product. If you are making your own batch at home, you could try cutting back on the propylene glycol to help make the vitamin C serum less sticky.

Make vitamin C serums less sticky: easy tips

  • Make sure your skin is well cleansed and toned so that the serum is better absorbed. Use a vitamin C face wash in conjunction with your serum for great results.
  • Use only a small amount with each application to avoid excess product on the skin.
  • Pat the product on, rather than rubbing. Lightly dab off excess product with facial tissue.
  • Use a good cream-based moisturizer as the last step, on TOP of the serum.
  • Alternatively, make your vitamin C serum at home. This way you have control over the product and the ingredients. This may be easier said than done and might require a few attempts before you are happy with the result.

Last thoughts

Following the tips in this article, will go a long way to help make vitamin C serums less sticky, but remember, the best solution is a proactive one. Ideally ask for a small tester of the serum first, before you buy or invest in a vitamin C serum. Reviews can be helpful too. Check back soon, to see the Sunny Life Team’s list of the best non-sticky vitamin C serums.

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