Which houseplants require no light?

houseplants that need no light

Dreaming of your own thriving indoor plant collection, but your place doesn’t get enough natural light indoors? Take heart, there is good news if you were wondering what houseplants require no light. These beautiful plants are the perfect companions for low-lit indoor spaces. Certain plants even thrive under these conditions. Don’t worry, if you don’t have green fingers either. These are all mostly low-maintenance houseplants.

Houseplants that need no light

Although all plants need at least some light to enable growth, there are certain plants that can manage with indirect or fluorescent light. Choose your favorites from this list of houseplants that require no light.

Golden Pothos

houseplants require no light

Every home should have at least one pothos. These easy to care for houseplants are very popular and available almost everywhere. They are small and very attractive vines, that can be placed in or on top of a bookcase or hung in a basket. They make great air purifiers. Pothos like partial to full sun and the soil needs to drain well.

Heart-leaf Philodendron

houseplants require no light

For first-timers, this plant with its heart-shaped leaves is super easy to care for indoors. Although it likes sunny areas, it can survive just fine in dim-lit rooms too. This attractive plant will spruce up any space. Place it on a desk, in a hanging planter, or on a bookshelf.

Snake plant

Snake plants need little light

Super easy to take care of, the Snake plant is perfect for first-timers. It also goes by the names mother-in-law’s tongue and good luck plant. This hardy plant with characteristic hard, upright, sword-like leaves is a great addition to any bedroom since it releases oxygen at night. To protect itself from insects, fungi, and microbes, it produces a substance called saponins. It likes light to grow but will tolerate low-lit or dark areas. Just make sure not to overwater when kept in these conditions.

Peace lily

houseplants require no light

Peace lilies, with their spoon-shaped white flowers and shiny green leaves, are easy to care for. These small plants don’t require much care. Just put them in an area with indirect sunlight, keep the soil moist and they will happily bloom away. These flowering plants are not averse to low-lit conditions at all, but might

Spider plant

spider plants need little light

Another easy to grow and very popular indoor plant. It adapts well in most conditions and will thrive in indirect light. These spider plants are great air purifiers too. Every indoor plant lover should have at least one of these.

Parlor Palm

houseplants require no light

his attractive palm looks good in any space. Also known as victorian parlor palm, this quintessential palm is a top seller in the United States. This slow grower is perfect for small spaces and thrives in low-lit areas. It also makes for a great air purifier. Also, consider the majesty palm if you like the parlor.

The Bird’s nest fern

Indoor plants that need no light

In the wild, this pretty fern grows in trees and on the ground. It will liven up any bland corner indoors with its unique look. Although the Bird’s nest fern prefers medium, indirect light, it will do just fine under low indirect light too. For those of you with pets, you will be happy to know that this fern is pet-friendly.

ZZ plant

Plants that need little light

This lush green plant with its waxy leaves originates from drought-prone African regions. A total favorite of many social media interiors this plant has all the right qualities for life indoors. It tolerates neglect, does fine in dim light, is drought-resistant, and helps clean the air. What more can one expect of a plant? Well, not toxic? Best to keep your pets away from this one. You can find a list of houseplants that are unsafe for cats here.

Arrowhead Plant

houseplants require no light

Perfect for beginner plant keepers, this leafy houseplant requires little light. Native to the tropical rain forests of South America, the Arrowhead plant grows fast and rather lush and like humidity. It produces trailing vines as it grows. It is a great low-light option as it is not suited for the direct sun at all. Watering is 2 to 3 times a week. This lovely plant is often used in freshwater aquariums. Find other houseplants that can be used in fish tanks here.

Money Tree

houseplants require no light

This pretty tree with its braided trunk is a great option if you want a slightly larger plant that does not require a lot of sunlight. In fact, direct sunlight will burn its leaves. It prefers medium indirect light and at least 50 % humidity. Money trees do not like extreme heat or cold. The shock will make it die.


Plants that require little light

The interesting and colorful calathea, although finicky sometimes, makes a great addition to any indoor plant collection. The Rattlesnake calathea and the Pinstripe calathea are two great options. It likes humidity and prefers indirect sunlight. Strong sunlight will hurt the plant. This plant is non-toxic and safe for pets.

Calathea from Feey.ch

What other houseplants require no light?

Here are a few more indoor houseplants that need little light:

  • The beautiful Maidenhair fern – Soft and whimsical looking. This beautiful delicate fern prefers indirect sun.
  • Bromeliads – An unusual flowering plant that tolerates very low light conditions
  • Dragon tree – All plants need some light, but this one is able to stand strong in low light conditions.
  • Monsteras – A trendy favorite for its lush green leaves, this plant can tolerate low-lit areas well.
  • Cast-iron plant – This attractive medium-sized plant does well in low light.

Last thoughts on houseplants that require no light

Houseplants that require no light still need a little light, albeit indirect, dappled, or dim. If your apartment is really sun-deprived, an artificial light source for your plants can be very beneficial. Hang it over a tabletop to supply the light your plant needs. Remember to make a list of your favorite indoor plants when you head out to your local nursery. Happy plant-shopping!

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