Which essential oil smells like Vanilla?

The sweet and warm aroma of vanilla is a familiar favorite often used in many personal care products and topical fragrances. The scent is both distinct and alluring, creating a sensual atmosphere in the home. Few people know that the Vanilla planifolia plant is actually a species of orchid. It is also one of the most labor-intensive plants after saffron since each flower needs to be hand pollinated. Because vanilla crops are so expensive, many of the vanilla fragrances on the market are synthetically created to help cut costs. Creating natural vanilla scents is also possible even though technically no essential oil that smells like vanilla, exists.

Why there is no essential oil that smells like Vanilla?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that are obtained from the mechanical pressing or steam distillation of sections of the plant such as the leaves or flowers. Through these processes, the natural aroma of the plant is also captured which gives each essential oil its distinct fragrance. The reason why there is no essential oil that smells like vanilla is that the vanilla bean cannot be processed in the same way as essential oils. The vanilla extract used in baking goods consists of vanilla bean extractives suspended in an alcohol base, while vanilla absolutes are the result of CO2 extractions. A vanilla absolute will probably be the closest thing you will get to an essential oil that smells like vanilla. Usually pre-diluted in fractioned coconut oil, a single drop is usually all you need for topical application since pure absolutes are usually more potent than a standard vanilla extract.

Is there substitute essential oil that smells like Vanilla?

Using vanilla absolute oils and extracts are great substitutes for an essential oil that smell like vanilla. You may also like to try two essential oils that have similar scent profiles to vanilla, namely sandalwood, and balsam.

Which essential oils blend well with Vanilla absolute oils?

Sandalwood and vanilla make a great pair. You may also like to try a blend of vanilla and Bergamot. Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, or Grapefruit are considered popular pairings with vanilla for use in a diffuser.

Last thought on which essential oil smells like Vanilla.

Add a drop of vanilla absolute oil to your favorite body cream or wear it as a fragrance. As with most essential oils, it is recommended to dilute vanilla absolute oil with a carrier oil for topical use, if not already pre-diluted. Absolute essential oils that smell like vanilla should be never considered safe for human consumption. Use only food-grade vanilla extract from a grocery store in your baking goods.

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