What is Quali-C vitamin C and which brands to choose?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that is essential to us human beings as it helps regulate important functions within the body. It is not produced by the body however and needs to be taken up through our food sources, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or through dietary supplementation. Vitamin C supplements are either made from natural vitamin C sources or are produced in a lab. The latter form most often being referred to as synthetic vitamin C or ascorbic acid. But are you wondering what is Quali-C vitamin C exactly? Before we jump in let’s first look at synthetic vitamin C as a whole.

What is synthetic vitamin C?

Synthetic vitamin C is produced on large scale today and is also referred to as L-ascorbic acid or ascorbic acid. Other types of synthetic vitamin C are mineral forms and are called mineral ascorbates. Mineral ascorbate is a combination of a mineral and ascorbate. Ascorbate refers to anions (negatively charged ions) formed from ascorbic acid. Sodium ascorbate is one of the best ways to digest vitamin C because it is less acidic and easier for those with sensitive digestive systems. People with heart problems and high blood pressure, however, should watch their sodium and potassium intake.

Other popular forms of mineral ascorbates include:

Calcium ascorbate

Potassium ascorbate

Magnesium ascorbate

Zinc ascorbate.

You should get about 1000 mg of vitamin C per quarter teaspoon from a good product.

Synthetic vitamin C is produced by the big players on the market today, such as Roche, Merck, and the China Pharmaceutical Group Ltd of the People’s Republic of China. In fact, 95% of the world’s vitamin C production comes from China. It is also China’s number one vitamin export. But more US firms and consumers are demanding to know where the vitamin C they buy, is sourced. Companies are now even marketing their products as “China free”, creating the impression that vitamin C manufactured in China is somehow unsafe. Touted as a marketing gimmick by some, others who care about the place of origin welcome the labeling. This is where Quali-C vitamin C, also considered having the lowest carbon footprint of all types of vitamin Cs, has found its gap in the market.

What is Quali®-C vitamin C?

Enter Quali®-C, a patented form of vitamin C that is manufactured in DSM’s Dalry plant in Scotland. Today, this facility is the only producer of ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, in the West.

What is Quali®-C vitamin C made from?

The raw materials that are used in the manufacturing of ascorbic acid are corn and wheat. This is then converted from starch to glucose and then to sorbitol. It is from sorbitol that the final form of ascorbic acid is derived through a series of chemical processing and purification steps. Although the process of manufacturing Quali-C vitamin C appears to be the same as any other ascorbic acid manufacturing, this patented form has a fan club that insists that the product is a superior vitamin C. The Quali®-C reviews bear witness to this.

Why not judge for yourself. We rounded up some high-quality Quali®-C supplement brands for you that contain the premium Quali®-C vitamin C.

What are the best Quali®-C Ascorbic Acid supplement brands?

Have a look at these 4 top Quali®-C supplements. Remember to always choose the purest vitamin C supplement you can find. Ideally, they need to be free from fillers, added sugars, preservatives, and flavors.

GMO FREE Vitamins Ultra Fine Vitamin C Powder, Made in the UK
Best quali-C vitamin C powder that dissolves easily and quickly.

A high-grade Vitamin C manufactured by a leading Dutch company using DSM’s Quali-C for ultra-fine vitamin C powder with L-Ascorbic acid.

Dissolves quickly and easily without the crystal residue often apparent in cheaper sources of Vitamin C.

Unparalleled in its purity

Non-GMO formula and free from additives and fillers, gluten, lactose, sorbitol, egg, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.


AMADEAN Liquid Liposomal Vitamin C 1000mg Supplement
Fast acting liposomal vitamin C that contains Quali-C.

A liposomal vitamin C using highly bioavailable Quali-C vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C helps to regulate the synthesis of collagen in the body, strengthening the skin and its elasticity.

Made with ultra-pure water, non-GMO sunflower lecithin phosphatidylcholine, natural citrus extract, and encapsulated in optimally sized liposomes for direct to cell delivery. The brand believes that results may be achieved that rival vitamin IV therapy.

The product is soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and suitable for vegetarians.


DOCTOR’S BEST Vitamin C Powder with Quali-C
Best pure vitamin C brand that contains the high-grade Quali-C form.

Vitamin C in powder form is sourced from Scotland for its high quality and reliability. It supports metabolic enzymes, the brain, eyes, heart and circulation, immune system, and all the body’s other organ systems.

Vegan and gluten-free.


CORE MED Liposomal Vitamin C Softgels with Quali®-
Quali-C vitamin C is a high grade ascorbic acid made in Scotland.

A high-grade liposomal vitamin C using 100% Non-GMO Quali-C vitamin C from Scotland. Pure liposomal Quali-C vitamin C enhances absorption and is costly to produce pushing up the price point of this product compared to cheaper inferior vitamin C products.

Benefits include proper collagen formation, a stronger immune system, normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, antioxidant protection of cells from free radicals, stress resilience, energy metabolism, increased iron, and calcium absorption.

Non-GMO, gluten, soy, and dairy-free.


Last thoughts on Quali®-C Scottish Ascorbic Acid

You can’t go wrong with Quali®-C Scottish Ascorbic Acid when choosing a premium synthetic vitamin C. It is a fine powder that dissolves easily and according to the many reviews, better results are achieved by many. There are not a lot of vitamin C supplements on the market that contain this high-quality ascorbic acid, but the four that are recommended above are excellent choices.

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