Which essential oils help stop bleeding?

essential oils help stop bleeding

Adding essential oils to your first aid kit may be worth considering, because of their many healing properties. You just never know when they might come in handy. Tea tree oil for example has natural disinfecting properties, whilst several other essential oils help stop bleeding. Minor cuts, scrapes, and cuts that do not require emergency medical attention can be treated in the comfort of your home using essential oils. More serious wounds or cuts that require stitches are best left to a doctor to take care of. Four essential oils that have hemostatic qualities are Cistus, Lavender, Myrrh, and Helichrysum. These essential oils may help slow down bleeding and speed up coagulation.

First, choose the right essential oils for healing

When choosing essential oils that help stop bleeding it is important to know that not all essential oils are equal. If the primary goal is to heal the body then only invest in high-grade therapeutic essential oils. Pure and undiluted oils are usually a little more pricey. This is understandable since more care has gone into its production. The essential oil market is saturated with brands that cut corners resulting in low-quality oils. They are often diluted and laced with synthetic fragrances and chemicals. They may smell good but will have little therapeutic value and if used topically, may even cause skin irritation. Research the brand, look at their production process from seed, plant growth to extraction methods.

4 essential oils that help stop bleeding

Myrrh / Commiphora myrrha

Myrrh essential oil is derived from the Myhrr tree, native to Arabian Peninsula. It yields a lovely sweet and earthy aroma when distilled. It is mentioned in ancient Egyptian medical texts and the Bible when the wise men of the East offered it as a gift to Jesus Christ at birth. Back then it was often used in natural remedies, to purify the dead and also as a spice. Today it is highly valued for its skin-beautifying properties. Usually thicker than most essential oils, it mixes rather well with Lavender, peppermint oils, and lemon essential oils. In 1550 BC, Greek soldiers used the sap of the Myhrr tree to help stop bleeding and treat wounds from battles.

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Myrrh essential oil helps stop bleeding.

Helichrysum / Helichrysum italicum

Also known as Immortelle or Everlasting flower, these delicate flowers are native to coastal regions of France, Croatia, and Italy. This sought-after essential oil has many skincare benefits and is also used by athletes after extensive workouts. Helichrysum essential oil can be applied topically to address uneven skin tone and promote youthful-looking skin. It can also be used as an antiseptic to treat minor injuries and aid in wound healing. It mixes well with Jojoba carrier oil.

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Cistus / Cistus ladaniferus

Also referred to as the Biblical rose of Sharon, labdanum, or gum rockrose. This beautiful flowering plant can be found in France, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. It has a lovely sweet fragrance and provides many skin care benefits when applied topically. Cistus essential oil help stop bleeding of minor wounds and can also be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities which makes it ideal to clean wounds with.

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Cistus essential oil helps stop bleeding.

Lavender / Lavandula angustifolia

In Latin, the word Lavender is derived from lavare, which means ‘to wash’. The meaning should come as no surprise because of this herb’s many benefits, such as its ability to cleanse and disinfect. lavender essential oil is a gentle essential oil and also helps to calm and soothe pain and stinging, whilst speeding up the healing process of cuts and scrapes. It is reported that a single drop of lavender essential oil can stop the bleeding of a small cut. It can also be mixed with clove or tea tree essential oils to disinfect a wound.

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Lavender essential oil helps stop bleeding.

How to use essential oils to stop bleeding

Check the wound to determine how serious it is. If the cut is deep and bleeding profusely then medical attention should be sought. If the wound is suitable for home treatment you may want to try essential oils to help stop bleeding and/or disinfect the wound.

  • Reduce bleeding and swelling by elevating the body part that is injured.
  • Apply pressure to help reduce swelling.
  • Make sure your hands are clean or wear disposable gloves when treating the wound.
  • Run clean water over the wound to remove any debris or dirt.
  • Dry the wound preferably using a soft cloth that will not stick to the injured body part.
  • Dilute your essential oil to help stop bleeding with a carrier oil and apply it to the cut or scrape. If you do not want to use a carrier oil, you can add 2-4 drops of oil in a spritzer bottle of water and shake, before spraying it on the injured area. Generally, essential oils are diluted first before application, but some people have had success in stopping bleeding by applying 1 drop neat on a small cut or scrape. If in doubt, speak to someone knowledgeable in using essential oils as natural therapies, before proceeding.
  • Apply a sterile wound dressing to protect the wound.
  • Change the dressing and reapply oils usually 2 times a day.
  • Reduce scarring by treating the wound with essential oils after it has healed.

Last thoughts on which essential oils help stop bleeding

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts and can be highly effective when used correctly. If you are going to use essential oils that stop bleeding, make sure to use only premium-grade therapeutic oils from reputable brands with a good track record. As mentioned before, the market is saturated with unscrupulous brands that sell low-grade oils that are not up to standard to use medicinally or even topically. If you are a newbie to the world of essential oils, it is best to always dilute your oils first, before applying them topically.

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